Truck and trailer repair service

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Truck and trailer repair

Computer diagnostics for trucks

Filling truck air conditioners

Truck maintenance

Repair of trailers and semi-trailers

Truck tires

Breakdown assistance

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We understand the importance of having a trusted truck and trailer repair partner. Fill out the request and we will take care of everything necessary for your comfort and safety. You can also familiarize yourself with the terms of our general agreement.


Contact us for all your truck repair questions. Below you will find contacts of TRELO services in Belgium, Germany, France and Lithuania.

Trelo Truck Repair Services Europe
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Trelo Truck Trailer Repairment 13 years of experience


Since 2010, TRELO has been offering its customers truck and trailer repair services and providing technical assistance to carriers on the road. Our range of services is extremely wide: computer diagnostics, wheel geometry adjustment, tire installation and balancing, complete vehicle preparation for technical inspection. Trelo specialists are ready to eliminate all breakdowns for tractors and trailers of various manufacturers both in their repair centers and on the road.

  • Honesty and reliability - job list and prices are provided before repairs begin
  • Repair centers in convenient locations for carriers
  • Repair work for trucks and trailers of all manufacturers
  • Short repair time because we have a large stock of parts in our warehouse
  • Multilingual service in all repair centers
  • Service at the best possible price
  • Breakdown assistance